Superb Saga Sapphire Cruise!

What a wonderful cruise to Norway - to see the Aurora in February. Thanks to Jo Bo for being a fantastic Cruise Director, well supported by Michelle. The lights were on! We had such a brilliant excursion out with the Glød team to Langfjordbotn and the Moon lit up the mountains to make a very special scene. That is the 4th time we’ve been out from Alta with Glød and we’ve seen the Aurora each time. Here are some of the photos taken at around 11.15pm onwards on 19th February. Mike Minton took this stunning picture

24 Stunning Aurora at 11.15.JPG

Sam, the Saga Sapphire photographer, captured the scene beautifully with the Sami tent in view

26 Sami tent and the Aurora.jpg

Next up, Dr Raymond Rowe’s fabulous photograph

23 Aurora at Langfjordbotn.JPG

The Glød Explorer team photographer took the next two images

31 Beautiful Aurora.jpg
32 Me with Aurora in the sky.jpg

That’s me with “the Aurora coming out of my left ear”!

We sailed away from Alta through the most superb snow scenes. I took this photo as we were travelling down the fjord

35 The beautiful Arctic scenery.jpg

Our next stop was Sortland - the Blue City. As we were about to leave, the trawler came home from a fishing trip and within a few hours, the Northern Lights started again so that we could see the Aurora from the decks

45 Trawler coming home.JPG

Raymond Rowe and Doug Hornsby took great views of the strong band of green Aurora - Doug had the Moon in the view as well. The band then developed the curtain effect

46 Brilliant green light.jpg
47 Green curtain appears.jpg
48 Spectacular Aurora display.JPG

Over an hour went by and the Aurora was still with us. Jonathan Birchley captured the band low towards the horizon

51 Over an hour of Aurora.JPG

Not to be outdone, Guy Sitwell and his wife did not want to put on all the Arctic gear again and go out on deck, so they simply opened the curtains and using the phone app successfully snapped away!


Thank you to everyone who came along to my 8 talks - your very kind comments are very much appreciated. Don’t forget to look at the viewing guides on the website to help you see more in the night sky.

David Martin