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GCSE Astronomy

Our new e-textbook


Launch date : 1st September 



Our new Universal Astronomy e-textbook

- covering the Edexcel GCSE Astronomy course 

(to be first examined in summer 2019)

David was asked by his students if he would write the textbook for the GCSE Astronomy course - because they loved how easy it was to learn.  We had lots of fun through the course and they all passed with flying colours.  When the Edexcel examination board saw my work, they endorsed it wholeheartedly.

Schools throughout the UK, Europe, the Middle East and as far afield as Malaysia and China have been working with us over all these years. Individuals too... Home-school, adult learners or just learning for pleasure.  We have come a long way since our first edition.  Check out our 3rd edition-


Set out covering all 16 sections of the new syllabus

To make it really easy to find what you want, the GCSE Astronomy course is set out with the same numbering as the Edexcel syllabus

Click on the section you want and you have it
So easy!

Everything that you need about the topic is to hand

No need to search the internet - we have written all the information in our clear and relevant way. Our tried and tested work has been used by thousands over the past decade.

All new areas of Astronomy added to the new syllabus are there for you.  Calculations with worked examples will help you succeed.  Viewing the night sky will come alive for you as you understand what is in front of your eyes.

Learn from our experience...  

Images from events we have seen


Be ready to download your e-textbook

On launch day 1st September all you have to do is click on the download button.  For just £10, you will have your own copy of Universal Astronomy - GCSE Astronomy.  This will be for your personal use only.  Teachers will be able to display the pages on screen to the class.



  • Clear and relevant information
  • High quality images
  • Direct links to video and simulations
  • Direct links to websites to see more
  • How to go about those calculations
  • Practical guides for experiments
  • Night sky viewing tips

Support and updates

Our work is regularly updated, so you will  have the up-to-date Astronomy to work with.

Any problems with downloads or getting our work - we are here to help...