I've just walked back from the Moon!

Luke Jerram has produced a fabulous 7 metre sphere of the Moon. The NASA photographs cover the whole globe and are so clear and sharp. The Moon was hanging in St Peter’s church in the centre of Bournemouth and was visited by around 10,000 people over the three days. You can see the Moon hanging above the aisle in the church:-


but my photo does not do Luke’s Moon justice - you need to see his Museum of the Moon for yourself. Luke is shown below standing in front of the surface of the Moon.


Dorset Moon has brought Luke’s amazing work to Dorset and the Moon will be hanging in Sherborne and Weymouth in July - it really is worth a visit. I spent my whole walk back home stunned by how incredible a work of art it is.

I love giving talks about the Moon and this month is so special being the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. Well done to all the Dorset Moon team for making the event such a success in Bournemouth.

David Martin