Marella Discovery - Celestron GoTo telescope

On our wonderful Marella Discovery cruise I spoke about the amazing telescopes that are ideal to help you learn and get to see the night sky - even when you do not know where to look! The GoTo facility means that using the remote control, you can just click to see Saturn and the telescope moves into position - and there is the beautiful planet and its rings in view in your eyepiece! Shops often talk about the magnification being the most important thing - it is not. The key part of a Newtonian reflecting telescope (what I would recommend having) is the quality and size of the primary mirror. A 4” mirror is an ideal starting size to go for as you can get to see so much. If you have a larger mirror, more light is captured and images will be brighter and fainter objects will be visible - but maybe too many to start with. The other factor is price with all this - the larger the mirror, the greater the price becomes. I have the following telescope myself as one of the telescopes I use and can thoroughly recommend it, together with the extra items:-

Celestron NexStar 130 SLT.jpg

I have checked current prices since returning from the cruise. The 130SLT telescope can be bought for £385 - the 7Ah PowerTank is available at £54 - the Moon filter is £12 = a total of £451.

The image below shows the remote control - to give you some idea of how it operates.

Celestron remote.jpg

As always - if you need some advice, just send me an email and I will be happy to help.

David Martin